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More Info On Shady Talez

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More Info On Shady Talez Empty More Info On Shady Talez

Post by MichaelOnTheMic Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:10 pm

More details surrounding Eminem's upcoming Shady Talez horror film have landed online and suggest the rapper will portray three different roles in the movie.

According to music video director Joseph Hann, the rapper should be able to handle the pressure.

The movie will be a 3D anthology film and the rapper will be challenged by playing a different role in the three parts of the film. Eminem will also write a comic book series for Marvel Comics to compliment the film's release. This will be a challenge for the star but music video director Joseph Hahn doesn't see a problem as he said, "Having worked with him so many times, the thing people don't realize is that he's a fantastic actor. He actually stays in character on set. He's a method actor, like Daniel Day Lewis." (CMAR News)

Em is reportedly producing the film as well.

Eminem is set to star in a 3D hip-hop horror anthology entitled Shady Talez, it's been reported. The rapper will also produce the horror movie, which is earmarked for release next year. Described as a cross between The Twilight Zone and Creep Show, the movie will be produced by DJ Classicz. Trade paper Screen International reports that a four-issue comic book series is to be released alongside the movie. (Gig Wise)

Speculation of the film's existence began to circulate in late October.

Earlier today (October 28) reports hit the 'Net that Eminem was prepping the release of a series of horror films titled Shady Talez. Gore fans read on shocktillyoudrop.com that the Detroit MC had plans to develop an anthology of flicks paying homage to some of the genre's cult favorites, like Christine, Aliens and The Lost Boys. According to the site, Em would even have multiple acting roles in the project. XXLMag.com spoke to the rap superstar's publicist, Dennis Dennehy, who said nothing is set in stone thus far. "There's been talks," he said, "but [I] can't confirm anything yet." (XXL Mag)

Slim Shady is also reportedly in talks to possibly star as a boxer in a film project with Mark Wahlberg.

"We were supposed to do this boxing movie together," Wahlberg said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid about Matt Damon. "We were going to play brothers and I don't think he's really feeling up to it so maybe we'll get Eminem to play the part. It's because we want two guys with some real edge and I think he was attached to play one of the parts at one point. Me and him actually talked on the phone while I was in Philly making another movie so um, either that or my brother. There's not too many people that can be believed in as being brothers, maybe half brothers but still, these guys had a really hard life. We want it to kinda feel authentic as opposed to getting some soft Hollywood act." (Radio Planet TV)

Source: http://www.sohh.com/2009/11/eminems_shady_talez_movie_details_leak_r.html

Think this is different to the post i made a few days ago, so i dont know which one is real Unsure

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More Info On Shady Talez Empty Re: More Info On Shady Talez

Post by Bunny Rabbit Sun Nov 15, 2009 9:30 pm

mega props mayn Two Thumbs Up
Em writin a comic book series + bein a producer as well = very well planned i guess Smoking
Bunny Rabbit
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