Juelz Santana Wants To Work With Eminem

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Juelz Santana Wants To Work With Eminem

Post by MichaelOnTheMic on Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:50 pm

DipSet Capo and ByrdGang boss Juelz Santana is trying to get a heavyweight to feature on his next LP, Born To Lose, Built To Win. Elz wants to get the one and only Eminem to feature on a song featuring him and Lil' Wayne. During a UStream session last night Santana expressed his pleasure to get Em.

"Eminem is my n*gga, seriously, that's what I been trying to get on the 'rap Cemetery' with me and Weezy, Eminem. Because he puts n*ggas in the rap cemetery for real. Em, holla at me, get at me, what's up? I'm here. That's the only n*gga I really, you know, that I'll get on a UStream or anywhere like, 'Yo, I need to holler at Em.' "

He even said he would reach out to Wayne to contact Em.

"I f*cks with Em hardbody, matter of fact, I might have to call Weezy up and have him connect the dots for me. They just put that little nice f*cking 'Drop The World' on you..."

Source: http://www.defsounds.com/articles/Juelz_santana_wants_eminem_for_his_next_album

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